Grassroots Meets

Friday Short Meet

Friday 27/Oct/17 Garage Stars Friday Short Meet brought us our first get together in an underground carpark located at the Home Maker Centre in Brisbane.

This meet delivered a variety of vehicles from Exotics to Japanese.

I’ve noticed the decline of good car catch ups over time and really want to try to reignite car culture. I believe that car culture and catch up’s is a strong contributor to amazing car builds that are also street driven.

This event was open to all types of vehicles/makes and model, egos were to be left at home, this meet up is about helping educate each other and sharing in your passion, tips and tricks to build higher quality cars. I am really trying to ask for people to start embracing car culture, Grassroots style!

The event started off in an Underground Carpark Located in the Homemaker Centre (North) at 7:15, at 9:00pm we will set off for a little drive to the DFO airport rear Carpark area. One thing I love to see is cars rolling on the streets, it was an amazing opportunity to see some cars come to life by driving (NOT RACING) alongside them to another destination. All areas I scout out are always low car friendly.

All photos that were taking by Michael Carrello

It was the first time in a while that I have taken out the Techart Porsche Cayman S for a drive, it feels good to take this car out and again as it is not my daily. A fun car to drive that’s for sure!

Pat also brought out his RPS13 180SX running an RB25DET and his Toyota Mark II, these two cars I have a serious soft spot for and rolling Rega Masters. Pat is really getting some serious style.

A few FD3S RX7’s showed up as per usual, James came in his XX77 which is looking really great these days.


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