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Garage Stars Casual Friday Catch Ups

Friday 17/Nov/17 Garage Stars Casual Friday Catch Ups

Once again egos were left at home as this is not what these events are about, we had some really good chats about cars and life, it was amazing to catch up with some OG car guys and gave them a bit of a chance to stretch their legs on the highway.

The event started at the DFO Brisbane Airport Carpark at 7:30, at 8:30pmĀ we will set off for a little drive to Yatala BP. It was amazing to see Jay’s Ferrari 458 Speciale driving down the highway at night, such a rare car sight.

One of the most amazing things I saw was the classic 911’s, I had my eyes glued to them all night. It seemed the more I looked the more details of the cars would pop out at me.

Brad brought RAMP UP, a fully optioned Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The car is always a welcoming sight, this car sounds soooooo good with the aftermarket exhaust and looks good from about every angle.

Lamborghini SL

Lisa brought out her Yellow Series 8 FD3S RX7, this car has such street presence with all that Carbon Kevlar aero. You rarely see RX7’s done this well in Brisbane, she is defiantly putting the girl tunersĀ  on the map!

It was really cool to see some variety at these meets now, this sweet Low Rider rolled in and laid out, the level of detail put into this build was simply amazing.

On the topic of rare, how rare is it to see an Epic Honda build out in the wild let alone two! This DC2 Honda Integra Type R and Spoon EG Civic absolutely blew my mind. The level that these cars are modified would impress tuners all around the world. The Integra Type R had a Turbo bigger than my head!

Usual Suspect Pat, Bringing the goods with his RPS13 with the RB25DET. RPS13 180SX + External Gate + Regas = <3

Wade showed up in his BIG HP Ute, one word that can sum up this build is CRAZY!

G37 + Work wheels + Extremely low…. Yes Please!

I managed to bring my Techart Porsche Cayman S out for a run too, not many pictures of it though as I was the camera car.

Nathan Showed up a little later in his GT3 however sadly we didn’t get any photos of that.

We kept to the left two lanes on the highway to be courteous to other drivers. Jordan Barr was on the camera so we got some awesome rolling shots of the cars on the night. It was a good time, just like the good old Grassroots car drives we used to have all the time.

I think the next one will be more exciting with more cars showing up, I can’t wait!



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